Completing your 2019/2020 cup competitions

If you wish to complete your league cups for season 2019/20, you have a couple of options. Any decisions on which players are eligible to play would be a league decision and would need to be clearly communicated to the entrants prior to the games;


  1. Create remaining fixtures with 2019/20 season

Full-Time will allow you to create fixtures within your Cup outside of the current season parameters however you will get a message to say that you have Inactive teams within your cup - this can be ignored


Completes the cup within the correct Full-Time season (easier to to audit)

Can add the fixture dates as soon as known


No player stats available to enter as all player registrations expired for season 2019/20

Unable to lock the season until all matches complete


        2. Create as "other Fixture" within the new season


Allows player stats to be added if allowing to play with this seasons players

Able to close 2019/20 season and start fresh


Would need to be integrated into Full-Time for season 20/21

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