Players missing from the Matchday app

If you have any cases of players not appearing on the Matchday app, please first make sure that the player has been correctly assigned to their team, not just added to the club, on the Club Portal.

Please also note that it can take up to 48 hours for a player to pull through onto the app, after they've been assigned to a team on the Club Portal. 

If the player is still not appearing after this, please submit a ticket to us with your team name and the player's details, and we will have a look into it for you. 

3 people have this problem
  • Hi

    I was wondering if you could help please? We have a player registered on Whole Game but she is not showing on Full Time and or Matchday as a registered player?


    Her details are:


    Name: Lara Hall

    FAN: 74169650

    Team: Andoversford Women

    Kind Rergards


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