Email Capture Tool

We are aware that there is a few issues in regards to the email capture tool on clubs portal. 

Below are the known issues:

1. County FA staff and FA staff cannot access the email capture tool ECT. Brings up blank screen

2. Parents have followed the process to link their child via ECT, but on the ECT they are still showing as not linked

3. Players no longer registered to the club but still showing on the ECT.

4.Players not having a parent/guardian email but are not showing on the ECT.

5. Parents email address are added on ECT but they are not receiving the email and are asking junk/spam folders to be checked. Clubs are having to resend the email again but still not all parents are receiving the email.

6. Players have their email or their parent email attached but are still showing on the ECT

We appreciate your patience while this is being investigated 

7 people have this problem
  • Update: Email capture tool is now working for FA admin logins

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