RELEASE: Clubs & Competition Portal 2.2

Date of Release: 29th April

We are making way for new leagues and clubs, fixing some bugs whilst we are here, and adding more functionality to make your lives easier.

Training Only

•We've added the ability to mark a player as ‘Training Only’

•You can also now add players to Teams/ Development Groups in no league

Notice Of Approach

- Added a link to the legal stuff around NOA in the pop-up

Player Photo Upload

-Allow club to upload new photo in Pending Action even if registered elsewhere.


•We want to make sure everyone is in the know so we are now emailing a notification to current club if a transfer has been requested

Contract Status

•It's hard to see who has a contract nowadays – so we've added some visibility of players with a contract to Grassroots clubs

My Club Tab

• We are beavering away in the background making way for affiliation in the future, the first part of this is a new function called Club Profile

Due on 10th May - Filters

•You asked, we delivered. We have now added a ‘Team Age Group’ filter to Club & Competition Portal

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