Running an Online AGM/SGM

How are you managing your AGMs/SGMs using online tools? Have you any best practice to share or questions for other leagues? Use this space to help one another through the unprecedented times and the challenges we're presented with.

You can find The FA's guide to running an AGM in our Digital Gym here

  • In the BBDFL, we are currently looking at all options available and have set the date for our AGM at this time.

    The league does have its own ZOOM account and this may be the option we choose, but as the situation is fluid we are keeping options open, so if any other leagues or the FA have any advice at this time that would be gratefully received

    Kind regards

    Warren Barlow

    BBDFL - League Secretary

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  • The main issue is working to the lowest common demoniator and some club reps / league exec aren't that savvy when trying to access new apps I'm looking at a simple phone conference call And complete any voting by online E mail using Google forms or even survey monkey
  • We're going to be using Teams. We've used Teams for the past few years for other meetings with clubs, as well as league meetings. 

    Chris Brown


  • We're going to use Teams. We've ran several meetings over the past few years on Teams since we started on Office 365 - our clubs seem to have grasped it well. We've held several meetings over the COVID-19 period as well, used Polly for voting too.

    Chris Brown


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  • Thanks for the advice guys

    I do have a Teams account for my business, but never used Polly before so will have a look

    I tend to use teams for my business and zoom for the league so I can separate them

    We recently held a Zoom referee conference which had around 40 participants and those who got involved really liked it and I can assure you our referee team come from a broad age range and they seemed to find it simple to use

  • Hi All,

    The Grassroots Technology Team will be hosting 2x online meetings to give leagues guidance on how to use both of the above features as well as top tips for running online AGMs/SGMs

    You can book onto the online meeting by clicking here - 


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  • With new ways of working, we're encountering new challenges to what we do by those with less than helpful intentions.... To help safeguard your call our guidance on keeping your call safe has been uploaded - 

  • For those with Microsoft Accounts looking to use the Live Event functionality for calls with over 250 users, Darren from the Everards Brewery Leicestershire Senior League offered the below bit of advice if you're struggling to get it set up;

    "I spoke to Microsoft Support who did a screenshare to allow the Microsoft Teams Account to upgrade to a Live Events Account.
    It might be helpful for other people that have these problems if a Live Event is what their League’s want to do."

  • We ran our Annual General Meeting utilising a Microsoft Teams meeting as setup by The FA on Saturday.

    We put together a plan as how to best manage the meeting and decided that for it to run successfully we would;

    · Send out a guidance document to all proposed attendees 14 days prior to the meeting advising how to access the meeting - available here

    · Put together proposals for all league items and ask league members to vote on all matters prior to the meeting via. an online form – available here. Any matters arising would then be discussed during the meeting.

    · Created a PowerPoint slideshow with all agenda items on which we would use to run smoothly through the meeting and display voting results. Available here.

    · Mute all participants and ask for questions via. chat function only in order to ensure with many people on the call, people weren’t speaking over each other. The questions were then read out after each agenda item by a league officer to the League Chairman/Secretary.

    Overall, the meeting ran very well only thanks to the preparation we put in beforehand. We had full attendance from our member clubs with none struggling to get into the meeting. We also had some member clubs suggest using online meetings in the future.

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