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  • Regarding the player registration system I have been provided with this data from the LFA which originated from Sam

    Can I ask how do I identify duplicates on the system for the future in order to ensure that we clean up our data, ensure compliance with the FA and our league requirements as I have also come across players who have been registered to more than one team. 

    A lot of this I believe was because we only used the WGS Player registrations this season for the first time and as a number of committee members had the ability to authorise players and the sheer volume we had to deal with (from zero to over 8000) meant that some slipped through the net which probably shouldnt have. 

    Going forward I would like the ability to do a data check to identify issues. Is this possible? 

    County Name League Name No of Teams In the League No of Players Registered No of Registrations All Players Registered All Registrations Offline Consent Online Consent (Email) Online Consent (Portal) No of Adult Players No of Adult Players with Email No of Youth Players No of Youth Players with Email No of Female Players No of Female Players with Email No of Deduplicated FAN Records
    Lancashire FA Bolton, Bury & District Football League 572 8064 8246 8248 8633 7450 532 0 1714 607 6292 1751 860 407 97
  • Hi Warren,

    Thanks for your post; firstly I'd just let you know the work we are currently doing on duplicates (which is more than ever).

    a) We are running an automatic de-duplication process based on Name, DOB and Address 

    b) The new login page is already drastically reducing the number of duplicate accounts by moving from a unique identifier of a "FAN" to using "Email address" we've already got rid of 1000's of duplicates using this new system

    c) You may be aware that The FA is currently undergoing a 5-6 year update of Whole Game System and this includes Player Registration, a large part of this work is around duplicate FAN's and minimising the amount created. At the moment I can't give too many details but can assure work is ongoing from our side.

    It's also worth mentioning that when you go to approve players at the start of the season the system will inform you of any potential duplicates based on name and date of birth.

    For your issues, the easiest way to do this would be to identify them within excel.

    Step One: If you login to WGS and go to Player Registration tab then click "Export Players" (it may take a little while for excel spreadsheet to download due to volume of players, just leave it running)

    Step Two: Open the players in excel, click on the "Player Name" column then click "Conditional Formatting"

    Step Three: under "conditional formatting" > Highlight Cells Rules > Duplicate Values

    Step Four: this will then highlight all duplicate values within your Name column.

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  •  Hi Jack

    Just wondered if you could confirm the status of WGS enhancements that have been requested previously but not actioned, e.g.

    1) Ability to set a maximum number of players allowed to be registered in Player Registration Requirements - originally requested 3.5 years ago.  This was to be:

    - optional

    - could be set as a variable amount for different age groups as required by each league

    - should prevent clubs submitting further registrations if they have reached their limit for a team/age group

    - system should show alert for club/team if they tried to submit over the limit

    2) Ability to archive unused/unwanted divisions from League Structure tab.  Although current list can be filtered by active/inactive, the filter does not stay and has to be re-instated constantly.  Better to hide unwanted ones, with option to unhide if required.

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  • Not sure if this is the right section to post this, but is it possible to add linked parents email address and phone number to the player export facility.    This would be really useful to create a membership contact list for the club.  

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