Entering Player Statistics on Full Time

You can easily complete your digital match returns (Results sheets) on FA Full-Time in a matter of minutes. To assist you we have written guidance as well as a video demonstration.

To see how you can submit match returns via. The FA Matchday App on your phone, click here: Matchday App - Submitting your results

Please note: Login invites are sent out by your league.

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Accessing/Signing into FA Full-Time

The following roles can get access to FA Full-Time:
Team Manager, Team Coach (assistants of these roles) or Team Secretary.

For guidance on adding these roles please visit: WGS - Adding roles in Whole Game System

You will then need to be sent a login invite by your league. If you haven't received an invite please contact your League Administrator.

You will then receive an invite to create a PASSWORD to sign into FA Full-Time, unless you already haver access through using the site with a different team. 

You can then use this Email Address and password to sign into FA Full-Time via the following link: Full-Time Login 

Finding where to input your results

When you login, the first page you will see will be "Admin Home" from here you can either click the "Results" tab along the top or if you don't have access to this, the "Enter Results" box within the middle of the screen.

Tip: You can then use the filters along the top to search for a specific match, or use the check boxes to look for only your fixtures that don't have a results sheet inputted.

Entering your Match Stats/Results

1. Firstly, enter your match result using the input boxes and then click "Update" to save this.

2. Then click "statistics" after navigating to the FA Full-Time site results tab.

If the match has not yet been played a warning will appear at the top of the screen


Match official marks

On the first page you will need to input your marks for your appointed Match Official and the RESPECT marks.

Your FA Marks must be completed before you can progress to "Player Statistics" and enter your final results sheet.

If a match official has not been league appointed you will be asked to select from the following options in the drop down menu - this will only be available to the home team to complete. 

Registered Referee

Club Official

Team Official

Lapsed or Previously Registered Referee



Please note: If you enter a mark of 60 or below you will need to leave reasons for the mark within the comments box


After completing referee marks, you will need to complete your RESPECT marks. These marks are compulsory to be filled in and help The FA and the league assess behavior within grassroots football.

Pitch Marks

Finally, you will need to complete the pitch marks. These are important for future funding of facilities.

Warning: Please remember to click "Update" to save your marks

PAGE TWO - LEAGUE TEAM MARKS (May not be available)

You may have a tab saying "League Team Marks" which will need to be completed. These are questions set by your specific league, if you don't have this option please progress to the "Player Statistics" tab


Finally you will need to complete your player statistics. From this page you will need to "check" your starters, substitutes and other match stats such as goals and assists (this depends if the leagues allow it).

Please note: If any players are missing from your team sheet and aren't available to complete stats for, please speak to your league.

There are also two options at the top, “Switch to Quick Stat Entry” and “Switch to Simple View”.

If a goal is scored from a penalty this does not need to be added into the goals column as well and should be recorded as a penalty only. 

On the stats page the Total Goals column will show the total from Goals (in normal play) and Penalties. 

Quick Stat Entry

Selecting the quick stat entry allows you to enter the starting line-up, bench and unused bench players along with the captain, goal scorers, penalties, own goals, yellow and red cards, and sin bins.

Simple View

Switching to simple view allows you to enter the players name type of stat you would like to enter for them and the minute the statistic occurred. If you would like to add assists you can do so by entering the players name in the assist box below the stat box.

Once you've clicked "Update Stats for players" these statistics will be saved and a overview will be produced at the bottom of the page of the statistics you have entered

Viewing your Summary

You can view your match results summary by clicking "Results" and then "View Match Returns"

Please note: After inputting your result it may "LOCK" the statistic meaning you cannot edit the statistics you have entered. If you need to make further changes and this has happened please contact your league.

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