Submitting a Match Report (Match returns) in Matchday App

Please note: This guide shows the process for submitting match returns that has been altered in a recent update. Please make sure you have version 7.4 downloaded. 

Once the match is finished it’s time to fill out your match report to go straight through to Full Time. If you've used the live match view for the game then you can go straight into your match report after confirming full time at the end of the fixture. 

First, head to the ‘Matchday’ tab of the fixture and it should bring you straight onto the 'Report' section. This will show you all the things you need to complete before you're able to submit. 

Starting with the lineup, click on 'Submit Lineup' and it will take you through to the lineup screen. Tick the box on the left hand side of each player who played, and then either click on 'Pick starter' or 'Pick substitute' depending on whether they started, or were subbed on. 

Once you've selected the starters and subs, click on 'Confirm lineup to Full Time', which will then save your lineup. The 'submit lineup' on the Report tab should then show as green and Completed. 

Next, click on 'Confirm Scores' which will take you through to the section where you can edit the score, and add other things such as goalscorers/yellow cards/etc. 

Once you click on 'Save and Confirm', the Confirm scores will also show as green and completed. 

Finally, click on 'Add Marks', which will take you through to the section where you can complete things like referee/pitch marks. Click here for more information on how to do this.

Once complete, these will show as 'Pending', as will the 'Add Marks' section on the report tab. 

To finish, you'll just need to click on 'Submit Match Report' and 'OK'. Then you're all done! 

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