Data Clean Up

Our league has been using Full-Time for many years. As a consequence, we have built up quite a lot of data. One area in which we have too much old, data is in people, in particular, players. I feel it would be useful if we could bulk clear the player details at the beginning of a new season, so that only  the current season's players were shown. 

  • We have been using FULL-TIME for many years (since 2004-05). Al our seasons are still visible, and we don't want to lose past data as I know many older  players that still look back to their youth fixtures. Is there a way to utilise the Status column? This is meant to indicate Registration status but just seems to be stuck on Active.

    If players went Inactive at the end of a season and did not show up in search unless you choose to show inactive players, then that would be a significant improvement.

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