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SMS for double headers

To deal with the backlog of fixtures, we are using double headers as a way to reduce the number of match days. But this has highlighted an issue with the SMS system, there is nothing in the inbound SMS reply to indicate what match the result applies to.

If the msg flow is Outbound Match#1, Inbound Result, Outbound Match#2, Inbound Result then everything is fine. But managers that wait until the end of play to SMS experience an issue...

So the msg flow is now Outbound Match#1, Outbound Match#2, Inbound Result, Inbound Result

In this case, the system overwrites the result of the 1st match with the result of the 2nd

So the SMS system needs a mechanism to allow the right results to get to each match, maybe something similar to the short code requirement when managers are sent messages for multiple teams on the same day.

  • This can be completed by using matchday for teams to enter the results against a specific fixture

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