Allow a URL for EAPs to be added to venues

Previously we could embed a html link into the venue directions to link to a Clubs website, so that a venue EAP was accessible to all. With the linking of venues to pitchfinder we lost this capability.

So can we have a dedicated field to capture a URL to a Club EAP and then display the link in the fixtures after the venue directions.

See for an example of a venue not yet linked to pitchfinder.

  • Hi Craig,

    Thanks for this suggestion. I can see you have already made use of the HTML formatting to add a link to the venue description. This was going to be our short-term recommendation, nice work!

    <A HREF="">Emergency Action Plan for Croft Sports Centre</A>

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  • Hi Nick

    When we first linked all our venues to pitchfinder we lost any EAP URLs we had edited into the Directions field. The Directions box is now back and editable so we can repeat this, but is there any chance to rename it to a more generic title of Notes as it now looks a little odd The Google maps link deals with directions so it would be good if this box dealt with specific venue instructions and the EAP.

  • Hi Craig,

    I will look into getting this changed, perhaps to 'Notes/Directions' to serve both purposes.

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