League marks - enhancement request

At the moment, we are collecting respect marks for three areas (players, team officials and spectators) using the linear scale option but would like to include the option for teams to add comments/report if marks fall below a certain level (similar to the referee report).

However, the free text field option is only 100 characters max which is only enough for a short sentence.  Could this be extended to something like 1500 or 2000 characters?

This would allow a complete respect/fair play reporting system within the match statistics area without having to do something in a separate system/online form and then pull all the data together.

Also, there would need to be a more detailed download report option to allow leagues to download and analyse the data on a regular basis.  The current option has everything for a single match on multiple lines, which means a lot of data crunching in order to be able to view the data properly.

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