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Player match data

We would like access to all our club data in Fulltime.

There is very little functionality for clubs to have access to their FullTime data as the system is designed for league administration  only. As an example we cannot update our venues and have to ask league officials to do this.

The more important requirement in this respect is access to our players data. We often need to engage with  parents about playing time and number of matches attended but we have no access to this data. Especially for the non-competitive age groups where the data is not shown on FullTime.

This is valuable data that could be used to monitor the quality of  the playing experience our members are receiving.

  • Venues is an area of work that is currently being looked at across all of our systems and not just Full Time. Increased stats will be coming through Matchday for next season.

  • I fail to understand how increased stats in Matchday is going to help club officials.

    We have 35 teams and it is not unusual to get complaints about playing time from a few parents. 

    All this information together with sportsmanship marks etc for our teams is in Fulltime but we can't access it.

    Please consider the few volunteers who are trying to run clubs when developing your systems  rather than the 'user' experience in Matchday.

    It might be nice for players to see their stats but without volunteers trying to run clubs in line with FA rules they won't have any stats to look at.

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