Limiting Player Registration numbers per team

Leagues should have access to set a limit the number of players a club can register for each team depending on age group/playing format in line with their competition rules.

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  • It would really help with League Registrations if there was the ability to put a cap on the maximum number of players per team allowed to register. 

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  • Agreed; this would be a definate positive addition.

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  • Agree

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  • Agree

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  • Yes. Excellent idea

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  • I totally agree that this would be a good idea.

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  • I totally agree too - although this should really be a setup option in the Player Registration Requirements section from the League Dashboard. That way a league can setup each age group should they differ.

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  • Totally agree, and in fact, the ability to add a maximum number of players for teams at different age group as has been requested many times..

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  • I agree, this should be one of the option set ups offered to Leagues

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  • Hi David & all

    The product team have discussed this and agreed this would be a great addition. Therefore this item has been added to the backlog to be worked on.

    Best wishes,


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