Points adjustments (Table adjustments)

You can make points adjustments within FA Full-Time to alter teams: Goals for/against, points, played, won, drawn, lost within FA Full-Time.

If you want to adjust positioning within league tables without altering points, please click here: Manual Table Adjustments 

1. Firstly head to the results tab and click "Table Adjustments"

2. Select the relevant division you wish to make the points adjustment for, then click "Create New"

3. You will then need to input the details of the adjustment which includes:

Type = Goals for/against, points, played, won, drawn, lost

Team = Select the team you wish to apply the adjustment to

Description = Add a description (this could be why you are making the adjustment e.g. 'illegal player')

Issued date = Date you issued the award

Adjustment Amount = The number of points you wish to add or deduct from the team, you can use minus symbols to deduct amounts

Tip: if you want to deduct points you can use the "-" symbol before points.

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