Adding a DBS Applicant in the Club Portal - Initiating a DBS check

Adding a DBS Applicant will initiate someone's DBS process for your club. Once added, they will need to login to Whole Game System to complete the process. A guide on how to do that can be found here.

Adding a new official as a DBS Applicant

To add a brand new official to your club, first go to the 'Officials' tab and then click on 'Add Official'. 

From there, you can either search for an existing account using the person's name or FAN. 

Or create a new account for the official from scratch. We would advise searching for an existing account for the official first, incase they have a FAN number already in the system which you can use. 

Fill in the official's details and click 'search for official'. When their account comes up, just click on 'Add to Club'.

This will bring up the roles you can add them as. To add them as a DBS applicant, scroll down, click on the Safeguarding option and then click 'DBS Applicant'. 

Click on Confirm and you'll get a message to say they have been successfully added. All done! 

Adding an existing official as a DBS Applicant

To make an existing official in your club a DBS applicant, just find that official in the 'Officials' tab and click into their profile. 

When you're in their profile, click on the 'Official Roles' tab and then click on 'Assign Role'. 

Then select 'Safeguarding', 'DBS Applicant' and finally click 'confirm'. 

Should you need to check the status of your DBS of have further questions, you can use the First Advantage help page -

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