Linked Clubs Accreditation Renewal

Parent Clubs are responsible for completing the renewal for the whole club. Guidance on viewing your linked clubs can be found here.

Child-linked clubs do not need to complete the following criteria in the ‘Club’ section, as this will be picked up by the parent club:

Club Bank Account

Club Meetings and Minutes


Child-linked clubs need to complete all criteria within the ‘Officials’ section. If they don’t meet the Youth Team with Qualified Coach criteria, the Parent Club will need to provide a comment on this when they complete their Accreditation Dashboard.

Any actions that are required by the Child-linked club will be flagged on the Parent Clubs dashboard using the 'Linked' tag:

Child-linked clubs only need to complete the following criteria within the ‘Documents’ section:

Safeguarding Children Policies

Equality Policy

Respect Code of Conduct

Football Leadership Diversity Code

Child-linked clubs do not have any actions to complete on the ‘Player Pathways’ tab.

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