Uploading Club Accounts documents


Step 1 -  Under the "My Club" tab click on "Documentation". Then select on "Accounts"

Step 2 - Select "Upload File" - then select "Browse"

Please note: Only the following file types are allowed: PNG, JPG, JPEG, DOC, DOCX XLS, XLSX PDF

Step 3 - Select the document you wish to upload. 

This will now show as active. 

IMPORTANT: The most recent upload will default to the active status with previous account documents archived.

View Archived Accounts

To view your archived accounts, click on the "Show Archived Accounts" toggle .

Archiving a document 

Step 1- Select the active document and select "Archive"

This will change the status of the document to "Archived"

Making a document active

Step 1- Select the archived document and select "Make Active"

This will change the status of the document to "Active"

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