Completing A Cup Draw

After all the Teams have been added to the Cup (click here to see how to do this) you will then be able to complete the Cup draw. Select the Cup in Full Time and then select the “Draw” tab and then the “Add / Remove Teams”. The Teams you added via the Teams tab in Whole Game will appear in the “Available Teams” box on the left.



To move the Team across to “selected Teams, click on the team then click the “add >” box in the middle. Once you have moved the chosen teams across click update at the bottom.



This now means the Teams have been moved across into the draw. Click on the Assign / Draw tab and you will then be able to either manually select the Teams and assign the draw / fixtures (or if a Team gets a bye in that round) or you can use the “Randomly Assign / Draw Entrants” option in green.  



After you have completed the draw and clicked update at the bottom of the page, the fixtures tab will then show the fixtures for that round, if there is already a winner (if a fixture has a bye) and you can also set the venues for each fixture.

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