How To Create A Cup

To create a cup you will need to login to Competition Portal and select the Competition Tab on the side and then cups. For more information on creating a cup, please follow this article - Creating a Cup Competition (Competition Portal)


Once you have clicked on "Add Cup" you can then select the name, category, age group, gender and disability.


The cup will then move across to Full Time where you can create the cup. 

Note: The Cup will only integrate across into Full Time once a team has been added to the Cup within Competition Portal.


Step 1 - Creating The Cup

You will then be given the choice to hide to cup whilst you create it, whether the cup is a knockout cup, group stage cup or a champions league style cup.


Step 2 - Knockout Cup

Selecting the knockout style cup will then give you the choice to enter how many teams will be in the first round, the number of legs per tie and if you would like the teams to automatically advance to the next round.


Step 2 – Group Stage Cup

If you select a group stage cup you can select how many groups there will be, the maximum number of teams per group and how many times the teams will play each other.


Step 2 – Champions League Cup

Choosing the champions league style cup present the same options as the group cup but adds in an extra stage, as this is a Group stage advancing to multiple knockout cups.



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