Transfer: Transferring the player from club to club


1. After the 7 days has passed, or the notice of approach has been waived, clubs can begin the transfer process.

Click here for a guide on Notice of Approach

Clubs should ensure they are on the 'All Players' tab and looking at the correct club if they have multiple connections. Click 'More' and then 'Add Player'

2. Search for the player: Then, use the 'Search FA Players' tab, as this player already exists, and enter their name and date of birth, then click to search The FA's database and scroll down to see results.

Note: At this point clubs will see an orange warning triangle if the player does require a notice of approach. If they were unaware of a player's involvement with a club then this warning means the player's current club should be contacted and given notice of approach, as demonstrated earlier, before continuing with the registration.

3. Select 'Add Player'' and confirm that the correct protocol has been followed.

Clubs should then go on to register the player as they would normally, as explained here: How to register a player.

When registering the player, clubs will be warned again that this is a possible transfer when assigning the player to a team.

4. Approving the transfer

If you are happy with the grounds of the transfer, then you can approve the registration.

You will then be asked to tick whether this is a transfer or a dual registration. The difference and the consequences are explained as well. 

This particular example is a transfer so the existing registration with the departed club will be cancelled automatically.

You will be given a final warning about the transfer which you can then confirm.

If you have heard from the club and they have no objections to the transfer you can then 'skip waiting period' to waive that 3 day objection period.

After that period has elapsed, or you've skipped that waiting time, you will once again be asked to approve the transfer or dual registration...

And lastly to finalise the transfer.

You then have the option to backdate the registration if you wish to. If not, confirm that approval.

After that, the transfer is approved and the player is registered. The transfer will be noted in the 'info' bar at the top.

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