Paying Disciplinary Fines on Whole Game System

Once a Disciplinary Fine has been invoiced, you should received an email notification from Whole Game System to make you aware of this. You can then pay the invoice a using the guide below. 

Firstly, navigate to the "Finance" tile on the left. 

Within the "Finance" tab you should see your Invoice within the "Outstanding Invoices" section. Click the "Tick to pay" box, select the items from the Invoice you wish to pay and click the Pay button. 

You can part-pay an item within the Invoice by amending the amount in the "Payment" box

Failure to provide payment of an Invoice in full by the Due Date will result in an increase of 25% of the amount due. Failure to pay the increase may result in a Suspension from All Football being imposed

You can then enter your payment details via our secure payment portal.

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