Duplicate emails within Full-Time

If you have a duplicate email in Full-Time this may cause some issues with your ability to sign in.

Please read the two below options to find which one best matches your circumstance, if you are unsure please contact full-time@thefa.com


If you do not use a shared email address

Step One: go to https://wholegame.thefa.com/account/login and click "Sign in using FAN"

Please note - you will need to select "Sign in using FAN" NOT "Forgotten password"

Step Two: Enter your existing FAN Number and existing password, if you don't know your password please use: https://www.thefa.com/account/password-reset 

If you don't know your FAN, please use: FAN Finder guidance

Step Three: This will confirm the email corresponding with the FAN you have entered, please click "continue"

Step Four: A message will confirm that your email is on multiple accounts, please click "continue"

Step Five: Please type in your email address and click "Send code" this will release a verification code to your email address

Step Six: We would recommend opening a separate tab for your emails and leaving Whole Game System open on the existing tab. You will receive an email to your set email address and will inform you of "Your code" please copy this number or write it down

Step Seven: Please go back to Whole Game System and input your verification code in the box which says "Secondary Verification Code" then click "Verify Code"

Step Eight: Please click "Continue"

Step Nine: The system will confirm that your email address has been successfully claimed and you will be able to login using your email address successfully.

If you have a shared email address

If you have a shared email address, we would recommend that you create your own email address and assign it to your account in order to keep your details separate, you can update your email address using this guidance: How to update your email address

If you are a league administrator, after changing your email address in Whole Game System we then need you to update this  email address in FA Full-Time. 

1. Sign in with your username & password at: https://fulltime-admin.thefa.com/gen/Login.do

2. From admin home, please click "Change email or password"

3. Click "Email address" from the options, type in your new email address and click "change email address"

Email addresses are now used as The FA's unique identifier instead of FAN numbers in order to reduce the number of duplicate records in our systems. More importantly, it is much safer from an online security perspective to use an email address as a unique identifier, which is what most businesses and companies are now doing.
Using an email address to sign in allows us to:
1. Secure each and every one of our user's accounts
2. Ensure that we hold a unique email address identifying each user (removing duplicates in our system and hence, reducing the administrative burden on many of our clubs, leagues and County FAs)
3. Provide one simple login solution that will ultimately work across all of our websites and apps.

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