Mass updating postponed fixtures using 'Reschedule Postponed' button

We have released a new option within FA Full-Time titled "Reschedule Postponed" which is found under the 'Actions' tab within your Fixture List.

This new feature allows you to manually bulk update the date & time of a group of postponed fixtures. The function will also automatically reset the "Status" of the match from "postponed" back to "normal".

1. Go to Fixtures > Fixture List

2. Find the postponed fixtures you wish to re-schedule

Tip: We would advise setting the filter to "Postponed" to easily find any fixtures with this status.

3. Click Actions > Reschedule Postponed

Please note: "Reschedule Postponed" option will only appear if you have fixtures with the status of "Postponed"

4. Use the calendar function to select a new date & time for the fixture, remember to click "Done" to confirm.

5. Then simply click "Update" this will change the postponed fixtures to your new date and time selected and change the status of the game from "Postponed" to "Normal"

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