(County FA Guidance) Cup Draws & Creating Fixtures

WARNING: This guidance is for County FA's only looking to setup their County Cups within FA Full-Time

Now you have your Season and Cups created you can begin to enter teams into the cup, draw the competition and create fixtures.


Entering teams into the cup

1. Firstly - go to your cups tab > Draw > Add/Remove Teams

2. Select the teams from "Available teams" column you wish to enter the competition then click "Add" to enter them to the competition, once all your teams are in the "Selected teams column" click update.

Tip: If you hold ctrl whilst you click you can select multiple teams at a time

Please note: if you are missing any teams from the "available teams" tab, please click on the following article about adding teams: 

Drawing your cup competition

1. After adding your teams, please go back to the "Assign/Draw" tab. You can then either click "Randomly assign/draw" to randomly produce fixtures or click on each drop down to manually assign teams to play eachother.

2. For teams with no fixture drawn due to needing "Bye's" you can click the drop down under their fixture and select "Bye" so that they progress through to the next round of the draw. Alternatively you can click "Check this box if you want blanks to be set as byes on update" and the system will automatically create bye's for all blank spaces.

Scheduling your matches (Assigning dates & times to fixtures)

1. Firstly go to your "Fixtures" tab

2. Check the fixtures you wish to change/create a date for (or select all using the top check box)

3. Click the calendar function to select the appropriate time/date for the fixture or click the "TBC" checkbox to mark as TBC

Please note: Remember to always click "Update" to save your changes

4. Once the fixture dates are set for your fixtures you can then edit them using the fixture list: https://grassrootstechnology.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/48001144945-manually-rescheduling-fixtures 

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