How to add a player to your club

There are several ways to add new players to your club within the Player Registration System, these are: Search for a player, invite players or finally - create player.

Video guidance on adding players is below followed by a full walkthrough of the methods.


Please note: to avoid creating duplicate players we would recommend using "Search for FA Player" or "Invite Players"

Finding "Add Player" option

1. Please go to Player Registration tab in WGS and click "Add Player"

Search FA Players

"Search FA Players" will be your most common way of adding a player, this will search The FA Database to find any player who already has an FA Account. Some of the reasons a person will have an FA Account include: playing football, holding volunteering roles or purchasing England tickets.

1. Click "Search FA Players" from the available options

2. Type in the players name and date of birth and then click "Search FA Players"

3. If your player exists within the system, you will be able to add them to your club. If they don't you will need to either use: "Invite Players" or "Create Players"

Please note: when a player is added to your club, they will get a notification via. email that they have been added to your club.

Invite Players

"Invite Players" is an exciting new way to turn your club completely paperless.

1. Click the "Invite Players" option

2. Type in the player's name and email address, if this is an under 16 player please tick the "U16" option and enter the parent/guardian's email address instead. 

Once you click "Invite player" an invite will be sent to the player via email, this will allow them to confirm their personal details by either signing into their FA Account or creating a new account.

TIP: Instead of inviting the players individually, you can click "Copy Club Invite Link" on the left hand side of the screen. You can then share this with the players you wish to sign on and by clicking the link they will be able to confirm their personal details.

3. After opening the link, the players will be presented with the following portal:

Invite players - Player or Parent/Guardian Process

i) Once clicking "Get started" the player will need to either sign-in to their FA Account or create a new account:

ii) After signing in, the player will then confirm if they are signing on themselves or a child/dependent

iii) They will then be given the option to edit their personal details

iv) Finally the player is given the option to consent to play for the club and to confirm if they will require International Clearance

v) Once submitted, the player will be available to be signed on by the club

Create new player

WARNING: Create new player should only be used after "Search FA Player" has been used in order to prevent duplicate records being created

1. Click "Create Player" from the available options

2. Type in the players personal details, if a match is found within The FA Database then you must click "Search FA Players". Once details are input please click "Next".

3. Type in the players contact details and then click "Create New Player" the player will now be available in your all players/pending actions list

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