Setting up an annual fee - Monthly payments

To set up an annual fee log on to with the same details as you would use for Whole Game System. This still requires you to be a secretary, chairman or treasurer.

Select ‘set-up’ then ‘annual fees’, then ‘set up new annual fee’.

Give your fee a name and select monthly fee, price it up, with the option of a discounted fee, set a due date and add any other comments.

I used the example from a phone in this case because it's easier to read so works better for an example but normally this is done on a laptop or PC.

Please note: if you setup a fee from August and a player joins in October, they will only be asked to make payments in the future and not expected to make past-payments.

Once you’ve clicked ‘save annual fee’ it should appear in your set-up tab. You can then expand the fee and assign it to whoever you like in your club, or a specific team.


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