Setting up a pay as you play fee

Please note: to use "Pay As You Play fee" your league must use FA Full-Time and integrate their data with Whole Game System. If you're unsure if they integrate their data please contact 

A pay as you play fee is more similar to the old-fashioned subs payment and asks for the same amount each week straight after a player completes a game.

Go to ‘set-up’, Pay as you play and ‘set up new match fee’.



Name your fee, add a half game or discounted fee if you wish and then save.

Please note: Half game fees will apply to any players who have been substituted on or off during the game



Once the match fee has been set up you need to make it the active fee for your selected teams. To do this go to ‘my teams’ and select the team you wish to assign the pay as you play fee to, then select ‘change match fee’ and assign your fees to whichever team you wish.

If your team does not show on the left hand side of this page you need to ask your league if they have ‘integrated’ yet. If they have not then get in touch with and we can get them to show within the week.

As long as you set this fee up 48 hours before your fixture you should be able to use it as a match fee.

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