Sharing Sessions

If you need to advertise your sessions and spread the word on the amazing football programme you are doing, you can very easily share the URL link or QR code to the booking page of a session to your participants. This can be done via the various social media channels - or just a simple copy and paste to someone who might be interested!

This video walks through the process of sharing a session. There is written guidance below if you prefer.

Here's a breakdown of how to do it on the FA Events Platform:

Once your event is created, the sessions will all show within your 'Current Sessions' tab. To get here, click on the 'Sessions' tab on the left side menu and simply choose the session of which you'd like to share from the list of current sessions you have.

After selecting the appropriate session from your list, you will be taken to the session 'Details' tab. Underneath the event name, time and date of that session, you should be able to see the ability to share.

You can select any of the six sharing options here (Copy URL, Twitter, Facebook, Email, WhatsApp, and QR Code) which will take you to the relevant sites or links. For the QR Code, this will open up a new mini window which will display the QR Code and make it scannable by participants/parents. Scan the QR code or paste the links to the participants and from there, they will be taken to the booking page to book onto a session on your event by pressing that same link and following the steps.

It is also important to look at the 'Yes/No' question to the right side of the sharing icons, as this determines whether your sessions will be displayed on for people to also book onto.

If you select 'Yes', then this session - and any other sessions you also choose 'Yes' to - will be visible for participants to search for on via the Find Football search tool where they can book onto a session there.

If you select 'No' for this question, then the session will not be listed on and will consequently not allow the session to be searched for on the Find Football search tool by keen participants.

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