Editing Dates of an Event

There are many easily editable features within your events and the various pages on the FA Events Platform, but there are a couple which are slightly more dependable on other things within the system. These include editing the start and end dates of your event.


Editing Dates In Your Approved Application

"Change your event dates within the start and end dates in your approved application" can be quite a confusing sentence. That's because there are basically two sets of dates: an application start and end date, and an event start and end date. These are different from each other.

The application start and end dates are the ones which determine how long you want to run your providers for, whilst the event start and end dates determine how long of a period you want to run sessions in compliance with the guidelines and criteria for either Weetabix Wildcats, Squad, Snickers Protein Just Play, Snickers Protein Just Play For Students, or Age UK Walking Football. Your event start and end dates must fall within your application start and end dates.

So, any changes you make to your event dates will change on all your sessions. However, you can only make these changes before anyone books onto a session. After bookings have started to be made, you can only edit the event end date.

An example of how this looks is below.

Firstly, click on the 'Applications' tab and then select which approved application you'd like to now change the date range for.

When you are into the application, using the pencil icon down the right side, ensure you get to the Programme Information page that shows the dates section. As you can see, the application start and end dates were chosen by you when you first applied to become a provider.

By choosing the start date and end date in here, you are deciding when you are running your programme provider between. You will have also selected the days you want to run sessions and this is important when it comes to your event, but please be careful what days you select because if you select every day, you will be expected to run sessions every day of the week.

So, these application dates above have determined the event dates you chose to have for your created sessions, meaning that the application end date is the maximum date you can go to when editing your event end date. If the application dates are correct but you then wanted to change the start and end dates of your sessions (i.e. the event start and end dates), you can edit this if no one has booked onto any sessions yet. If people have booked on, only the event end date can be edited.

Editing Your Event Dates

To see the dates of your event, go to the 'Events' tab on the left-hand side menu and click the event that corresponds to the application you chose your application start and end dates in.

This will land you on the 'Details' tab where all the event information is displayed. Choose to 'Edit Event' on the right side of the screen in blue.

Once pressed, it should bring up the following screen where you can use the pencil icon to edit the event start and end dates which affect when your upcoming weekly sessions will begin and finish. As previously said, if participants have already booked onto sessions by this point, you will only be able to extend your event end date and not the start date.

After clicking the pencil icon, the below screen should then show up where you can change the dates as necessary. Be aware when changing though - if you enter an event start or end date in here which falls outside of your application dates then you will receive an error message.

Once you're happy with your dates, press 'Save' and crack on with organising your sessions and adding new ones to your extended event!

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