My Team admin's aren't receiving email notifications

If your team administrators are not receiving email notifications this could be due to a variety of issues.

a) Are your email's verified? Each time a new contact is added to Full-Time or a new email address is added the email address must be verified. This can be done by going to Full-Time > Email > Email Address Verification. You can then multiple select the email addresses you wish to verify or you can send to all. This releases an email to that contact's email address and they must click "Verify" in order to receive emails.

b) Have you inputted your settings correctly? You must set up your emails to correctly release to each group on Full-Time and also ensure you have enabled emails in the first place. These settings can be checked by going to Email > Notifications. 

c) Have you set up Weekly reminders? If you haven't setup your weekly reminders then your emails won't be releasing, to do this go to email > Email Notification Settings

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