'Other Fixtures' are added to the Matchday App

During the last Season we used 'Other Fixtures' to faciliate friendly games organisaed by the League. These were not League games, we therefore used the 'other fixture' function.

I can also see that this function can be used for other games such as play offs or seeding games.

These matches currently do not appear in the App. Therefore are not communicated to players/managers and parents. Also the function to record the results of the match and confirm players that take part are not captured via the App.

I would suggest an enhancement to faciliate the inclusion of 'other fixtures' into a future update.

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  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for sending in this feedback. We are aiming to unlock 'Other' fixtures later this season, once we release County Cup games to the app.

    We have held back 'Other' fixtures as we know leagues often use them to replicate County Cup ties and therefore we wanted to avoid any confusion for managers/players as to which fixture was the 'real' County Cup game. 

    Once those CC fixtures pull through and leagues stop using 'Other' for these games, it should leave friendlies and play off games as you've mentioned, so we can safely switch them on.

    Watch this space. I will keep this forum updated.

    Many thanks.

  • Unsure if this is yet resolved so re-raising the question. Cup matches do not feed through from Full Time and must be manually added as “Friendlies”, which not all players naturally check during the season. Better feed through of non-league fixtures or the ability to custom add fixtures as a fixture rather than a friendly needed. Same also applies to our BBFA FleXI league in our region, for example.
  • To confirm, this has been implemented and all league, cup, county cup and other fixtures now appear in Matchday.

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