Referees Login and Reporting Abuse

Can the Referees have a login to the Matchday App so they can see all there appointed fixtures etc similar to a team coach/manager. All the data is already input into Full Time so no addiitional work on the Leagues.

After each fixture the referee would have the ability to score each team a t=mark based on the abuse and hassle they received of the coaches and/or parents. NOT Players as they can deal with this durring the game. The marks would be Green (No Issues) Amber (Occassional Abuse and Contests of Decisions) Red (Regular Abuse and Contesting Decisions). 

The Leagues would then monitor these traffic lights of ndependant opinion and if a team gets constant Reds/ambers then the leagues can take appropriate action without the need to alert the offenders. Leagues then have indepentant stats, from different independant referees which will reflect on the team over a period of time.  Leagues can then use this evidence if required by the FA for further investigation. The only way we have currently is reading emotional emails which comes down to 1 word against another. 

Referees moan about the abuse they receive but it is difficult and cumbersome for them to report it and by the time they get home the moment could have been lost. This can be done discreetly, with confidence and immediately after the game. 

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