(County FA Guidance) Creating new County Cups

In order to create a new County Cup you will need to go into "Roles and Products" section of CRM, we would reccomend having an existing County Cup open as we will be copying much of what is in an existing product.

Within this article we will take you through the basics in setting up a competition, you can tailor the settings to make them more specific to how you gather entries ie. Invite only etc.

Step One: Create a new product & initial setup

Firstly go to roles & products then click "New"

Set the following properties under "Type":
Type = Purchased Product

Sub Type = Competition (Team to competition)

Competition Type = County Cup

Next you will need to fill out three other mandatory options:
Name = The name of your County Cup

Token = This can be the name of your County Cup but without any spaces (ie. BoysUnder12CupCompetition)

Parent CFA = Should be your County FA

Under "prices" you will need to input your VAT rate - we would reccomend using the same VAT rate which is used on your other County Cups

Please then click "Save"

Step two: Setting team eligibility

You can set the eligibility for your competition - this will determine which teams are able to select the County Cup from within their affiliation form

Importantly you must add the competition football levels of the cup. If this is not complete then your County Cup will not integrate to Full-time

Click within the "Competition Football Levels" box and then click "Add new competition football level"

You will need to add one level for each level of the team which is in the competition. For example, if this is a Sunday competition you will only need to include one "Non-NLS" level. However if this is a senior cup you may need to add step 5, step 4, step 3 separately.

You do not need to input a "Name" this will be set automatically, just select a football level from the drop down

Now click Save & Close > then save your county cup.

Step Three: Create new competition season

Next go to competition season,for the first season your competition takes place this will need to be created manually.

Click "competition seasons" then click "Add new competition season"

Set the following properties:

Name = the name of your season ie. "2021-22"

Season = Should be the season your competition will be played in

Competition Status = Planned

Start date = 1st July of your season (ie. for 2021-22 season this would be 1st July 2021) 

End date = 30th June of your season (ie. for 2021-22 season this would be 30th June 2022)

Then click Save & Close

Your competition is now setup and you can add teams to the competition and push the season to full-time as normal.

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