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Each approved application only has one event linked to it for all programmes on the FA Events Platform. They come as a pair, like Ant and Dec or salt and pepper. This means when you first create an event and your very first lot of sessions after having an application approved, you won't need to create another event again when you complete that batch of sessions.

What happens when you finish every session that you created until the date that you originally put? The answer is your event will expire - but this is fine because you can just extend its end date to get it back in action when the time comes.

Of course, you might have finished your latest lot of created sessions and still be well within the end date you originally set. Your event won't have expired at this stage, so you just need to add new sessions. There's a separate article on that.

But, if you know your event has been created before and you might not have hosted sessions for a while, or you seemingly can't add new sessions on the platform, it will probably be because your event end date has expired. Your event end date is different from your application end date.

Here are the steps to take for when a provider of any programme needs to extend their event end date and add new sessions, rather than create an event (which will be greyed out on the platform if they already have one created):

  1. Login to https://faevents.thefa.com and head to the ‘Events’ tab down the left side menu.

  1. If you see your event there straight away, click on it to add new sessions on the following page as the event end will be in date. If you don’t see your event there straight away, click the ‘Past Events’ tab at the top where it should then show with an expired date from in the past.

  1. Once in the ‘Past Events’ tab, select the event listed. On the following page, press ‘Edit Event’ and use the pencil icons down the right side to change the event end date from its expired date. Amend this date to a date in the future – but not too far in the future!

  1. Save the change, and now head back to the ‘Events’ tab down the left side menu. Your previous ‘Past Event’ should now show in the ‘Current Events’ tab instead.

  1. On the ‘Current Events’ tab, choose your event with the new end date that you just changed, and then press ‘Add A New Session’ on the following page to follow that process through.

It is important to call out that if you receive an error message when trying to extend the event end date originally (step 3), you need to take note of the event start date you have and then ensure that is the same start date in your application.

You will have to go back and edit your application, edit your application start date to either match or be before your event start date, and then re-submit the application for approval before you can follow the above five steps.

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