Points Per Game Calculator - COVID 19 Release

We've released a new feature to Full-Time allowing leagues to rank their teams based on a "Points Per Game" calculator.

To use the points per game calculator please:

1. Go to Setup > Scoring System (To be able to see the setup tab you will need to be setup as a "League Administrator" on your Full-Time site, if this is not available, please contact your League Secretary)

2. Click "Edit" next to your appropriate scoring system you wish to change to points per game calculator.  We would recommend setting up a separate scoring system just for the PPG Calculator so that you only apply the calculator to teams in this season (See how to create a new scoring system and assign it here - https://bit.ly/3bLRoGU) .  This new scoring system can then be assigned to the relevant divisions by clicking the "Assign Scoring Systems" tab.

3. Choose the scoring system appropriate to your league and check the correct box

4. Click "Update" at the bottom of the page

5. Go to "View Site" and you can see on the public page the tables have updated rankings and a new "PPG" column added in

Please note: Although the rankings will be correct and shown as per Full-Time Admin, the "PPG" column will not show in The FA Matchday App or Full-Time Mobile until a further release.

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