Oh no! What if you need to tell all 30 participants right away that tonight's session is now indoors because the weather is so bad outside and you don't have the time or the patience to write out the same email thirty times to let them all know?

Well, you can just message them all at once obviously!

On the FA Events Platform, you can send a direct email to the participants (or parents of the participants depending on age) to let them know anything that they need to about the event or sessions. This could be informing them of bad weather, letting them know a change of venue, a reminder to bring sun cream and a hat, a note to meet at the clubhouse - anything!

To do this, it's quick and easy. Firstly, log on to the Events Platform and go to your 'Events' tab. Click the event with the accompanying sessions you need to let your participants know of by going to the 'Sessions' tab, then 'Upcoming Sessions'. Hit that drop-down arrow to the right of the session that needs a message.

Once there, scroll down past the session information until you reach the options at the bottom of the session. One of the option boxes will say 'Message All Participants' and guess what? This is the one you press to message all participants!

When you've clicked on that, the below screen should appear. Here is where you can enter your message and send this to every participant who has booked onto the session. Once you've hit 'Send', all participants will get an email right away letting them know the message. What a great tool to ensure that no one turns up with just football boots for an indoor court.