Editing Session Time and Dates

Editing a session's date, time and day is a really useful change to have available should you need to use it for any of your football sessions. They can allow a particular session to still go ahead for your participants if any difficulties around hosting the originally planned time and date come into play.


Changing The Date And Time For One Session

If you want to change one individual session date, start by going to the 'Sessions' tab on the left side menu and clicking the necessary upcoming session you have listed.

Once you've chosen the particular session you wish to edit, you will land on the 'Details' tab which will show all the information for that one session. To the right of the screen, you should see the 'Edit Session' button in blue, which is what you need to click next.

After clicking on 'Edit Session', the following screen should appear. Amend the date by clicking on the pencil icon next to the date (which deciphers the day), and edit the start and end time of the session too below that.

Then, make the changes to the date and time of the session, but remember that the date (and linked day of the week) will need to fall on one of your approved days of the week from your application. Also, remember that you won't be able to change the date of the session if someone has already booked onto the session. In this instance, you would need to cancel the session.

Click ‘Save’ when you're done and an email notification of the date change will automatically be sent to all your participants.

Changing The Date And Time For Multiple Sessions

To change the date/day and time for multiple sessions in one go, you can use the mass-update tool filter. Firstly, head to the 'Sessions' tab again down the left side menu and then use the filter option to select the correct event which your sessions are in. Press 'Go' and this will show you all the future sessions in the event you selected.

This will bring up lots of tick boxes down the side of each session listed. It is now your job to tick and choose which sessions you want to edit the date/day and time for (the very first tick box will select every single session for you in the event list).

This will also make the right side filter active and selectable where you can then click to 'Change Date and Time' from the drop-down.

For the sessions you chose, you can now edit the date and time of them all appropriately. Use the options displayed to enter the new date and new time of the sessions, before hitting 'Update'.

The system will ask if you're sure you want to make the change, and if you are, then go ahead and confirm.

After confirmation, just press 'Back' to get your 'Sessions' tab showing once more. Here, you can see the sessions that you have edited the date and time to.

Remember: Changing the date and time of multiple sessions via the mass-update tool will update all selected sessions to the same time and date. If you need to change the date and time for a small handful of sessions, use the method for editing one session and repeat as necessary.

Changing The Days Of The Session(s)

If you want to run a session on a different day to the one outlined in your original application, then you need to go back into your approved application, tick/un-tick the days of the week changes you want to make, and re-submit your approved application back to your County FA.

Once the County FA re-approves, go back to the session series you originally created and edit any upcoming sessions which are scheduled to take place for the day of the week you no longer want to run on. You can edit the dates/days first on a session by session basis - and then do the time separately after using the mass-update tool (assuming they are all at the same time each week).

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