Cancelling Sessions

As well as adding and editing sessions, you also have the option to cancel sessions via the FA Events Platform, which is really handy should the weather be bad, people can't make it, or there is another important matter that needs to be attended to at the same time and day.

This video walks through the process of cancelling a session. There is written guidance below if you prefer.

When you've chosen the 'Sessions' tab on the left side menu, ensure you are on the 'Current Sessions' tab at the top so that you can see all your future sessions lined up in order.

There are two ways in which cancelling sessions can be done on the Events Platform - individually session by session, or multiple sessions at a time. Please use the appropriate method for you below based on how many sessions you need to cancel. The process after the first two steps for each different method is then the same.

Cancel Individual Session

For the particular individual session which you want to cancel, click on the desired one from the list you have in your 'Sessions' tab. You will land on the session 'Details' page, and to the right is the 'Cancel Session' button. Click this to cancel that individual session.

After choosing to cancel the session, it brings up a warning - just to double check with you (as you might have participants already booked on). Please ensure the session you are cancelling is the correct time, day and event - or you might have some unhappy footballers!

Cancel Multiple Sessions

If you wanted to cancel more than one session in your event then you can use the mass-update tool to do so. This ensures it is quicker for you and you don't have to cancel each session individually if you've a lot to get rid of.

Start on the 'Sessions' tab as you would do for cancelling an individual session, but instead filter by your event using the left filter option and hit 'Go'. You need to choose the correct event with the sessions you need to cancel on. This will then display lots of tick boxes next to each of your sessions.

Using the tick boxes, scroll through and select which sessions you want to cancel on your event. There is a tick box which allows you to choose all created sessions too. Once you have selected more than one, the filter option on the right side of the screen will become active. Click the filter drop-down and choose 'Cancel Session(s)'.

Like on individual sessions, the Events Platform will display a double-check message which you need to confirm for the number of sessions you have selected to cancel.

This will then lead you to the below process, in exactly the same way it works for individual session cancellation too.

You then have the ability to explain why the session has been cancelled. Here, you can write a message which will be automatically emailed to all those participants who have booked onto your session. This means less faffing around for you trying to find everyone's email addresses!

Once sent, this will remove the session(s) from appearing as active on and you will have an alert at the end to confirm the cancellation.

That individual session or set of multiple sessions will now transfer from your 'Current Sessions' tab to your 'Cancelled Sessions' tab on the Events Platform main menu.

EXTRA: If the start date of a series of sessions needs to be brought forward, you should cancel the existing sessions and edit your application for County FA re-approval.

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