Submitting to league for registration approval

In order to submit to the league, you will need to ensure that you have met the requirements set by your league in order to register a player.

The following steps are what you need to check before submitting:

1. Is the player assigned to the team(s)?
2. Do you have consent from the player or parent if under 16?
3. Have you added any relevant ID checks?
4. Have you added a photo to the player records?


If you tick the box next to the player you wish to submit to the league, you will see the options appear at the top of the screen. You will need to select “submit to league”


 You will then see a screen in regard to international clearance.

Please make sure you ask the player/parents if they have played outside of England before. If they have they may require International Clearance. – Please email for information regarding international clearance.








If they have not player outside of England – you can tick the first box

If they have played outside of England but they have clearance which you have seen proof of this, you can tick the second box.

If they have played outside of England and you have no proof of clearance, DO NOT submit this player to the league. Please contact 



Once you have submitted the player to the league, the league registration status will change to pending. 

This will then show in the leagues WGS portal and will be their decision to approve this

When the league have approved the players registration – the league status will change from pending to registered.






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