Searching for a player within your club

Searching for a player within your club

To search for a player who already plays for your club you will need to visit the player registration tab within your Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Chairman, Treasurer or Player Registration Officer tab at the top of the page.

You will then see the page below and the number of players at your club. If the number is not what you expected it could be that you need to clear filters on the right hand side. You will also be able to filter the list based on.

  1. The team they are assigned to.
  2. The league the team they’re assigned to are in.
  3. The age group they’re eligible for.
  4. The players gender.
  5. Their league registration status ie: Pending, approved etc.
  6. Their consent status.
  7. Whether the player has a photo or not.
  8. Whether the player has an ID check or not.

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