Approving a registration submission (No Transfer Required)

If a transfer is not required and the player is unattached a club will submit the player to the league without having to go through the transfer process. To see all pending registrations please click on the tab at the top of the page which shows your league role (If you don’t have the tab please click HERE) Once you’ve done this click the player registration tab down the left-hand side.

Once you’ve clicked this you will find a list of players come up as shown below. To find the pending players, change the highlighted column to pending and all the players submitted to the league will show.

To approve the player, click the white box next to the players name and the banner below will appear. You can then click approve and this will fully register the player with your league. You will also have the option to approve & backdate the registration which can be used if you don't see a submitted registration until after the registration deadline of your league. You will also have the option to reject the registration and will then be asked to give a reason which will show in the teams WGS Portal.