My Tabs & Roles (Including FAQ's)

If you have roles that have functionalities within The Whole Game System for example a club player registration officer or a referee you will have the tabs at the top of your WGS account as shown in the screenshot below. If you have no compatible roles you will have the IMS registration tab which is a tab used to register as a football agent. If you have a role that is compatible but can’t see this in your WGS account this is usually because you don’t have the roles assigned to the FAN you are using to login. Your County FA will be able to add these roles for you manually through CRM and your club secretary can also add you to these roles through The Whole Game System portal.

My roles still don’t show.

It may be that your role has expired within the system. Please contact your County FA who can deactivate your role and re add you through CRM which will generate the tab for you.

I’m no longer at the club I don’t want my tab there anymore

Your club secretary will be able to remove your role within their WGS portal by going to the Club Officials tab, finding the official they wish to remove and clicking the red X next to their name to remove them. This will then remove their role and/or tab. If you are wishing to change the Club Secretary, Chairman, Treasurer or Welfare Officer you MUST contact your County FA to get this changed.

I’m a referee but I have no Referee Administration Tab

If you don’t have your Referee Administration tab you will need to contact your County FA’s Referee Development Officer.

CFA - To add a referee tab the referee needs to be registered on the system. To do this search for the referee in individuals. Click start dialogue and click the Register Referee option (as highlighted below) Please then follow the step by step process and this will generate the referee tab.

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