Filter for training only players

ON the new player registration portal you can filter for Registered and Non _Registered players but no facility filter on 'training only@ players. This feature would help club secretaries when cleansing their areas on the WGS especially where that club has a large contingency of Youth Teams. 

At the moment you have to filter Non Registered players and then go into each record individually to see if they are Training Only or not. 

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  • This is a great idea - our youth section has a number of teams that have "training only" players that for various reasons do not play matches but attend training and are still members of the club who we need to keep records for. The ability to distinguish Unregistered players that are never intending to register with a league would be a very useful feature.

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  • Hi Ian,

    Thanks for your suggestion - pleased to say this has been released into the system as of yesterday morning.

    As a small token of thanks for your idea and taking the time to make this suggestion, we'll be sending a £5 voucher for amazon to you via. email.

    Thanks again.


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